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6-inch SheerGrain Decking Sheerline®

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SheerGrain Decking,

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L.B. Plastics introduced its revolutionary 2”x6” SheerGrain Decking in late 2006, garnering “Most Innovative Product 2007.”   L. B. Plastics, Inc., began development of SheerGrain in response to shortcomings of wood and composite decking.  Finalizing several years of R&D, L.B. Plastics, Inc., unveiled its proprietary SheerGrain Technology, a copolymer blend whose main ingredient is acrylic.  The result of this technology is a decking product like none other in today’s market. 

According to National Sales Manager, Ted Davis, there are a multitude of reasons why L.B. Plastics, Inc. decided to use acrylic.  Davis explains, “Acrylic has long been known to offer superior qualities for fade resistance and allows for darker, wood-like color selections not previously viable.  In addition to the outstanding appearance and fade resistance, acrylic also has excellent heat dissipation characteristics.  We’ve tested SheerGrain’s fade resistance using the Xenon light chamber, which accelerates and intensifies spectrums of light. With these tests and a couple of years of real world applications, we feel that SheerGrain may be the most fade resistant deck available.”  Davis went on to state, “We set out to develop the best decking product available, and I believe that we’ve achieved that with SheerGrain.”


SheerGrain Decking has a remarkable wood-like appearance, including the rich beauty of variegated grain patterns and shading found in wood deckboards.  Contractor Supply Owner, Judy Glenn, had this to say about her recent deck purchase, “ I’ve been selling composite deckboards for years, when it came to my own home though, I chose SheerGrain because it’s by far the best looking deck product I’ve seen.  Many of the composites I considered had distinct repeat patterns similar to repetitive patterns that can be seen in commercial carpet.  SheerGrain deckboards are rich in color; but not identical in pattern, modeling natural wood grain.  I feel confident letting children play barefoot on SheerGrain because the surface is not harsh, but has a comfortable feel to it and remains cooler than most composites.  I have a great looking deck and since SheerGrain contains no wood, I know I won’t have the problems many people have experienced with composites.”


SheerGrain Decking does not absorb moisture like wood and most composites.  Because it contains no wood, the SheerGrain deckboard does not promote mold growth.  SheerGrain is naturally resistant to common stains such as grease, mustard and spilled drinks.  SheerGrain is engineered for scratch resistance and the impact of everyday living; it is an ultra-low maintenance product that may only need an occasional cleaning with a water hose.   Simply stated, SheerGrain Decking rivals the appearance of a freshly stained wood deck without all the future upkeep.


SheerGrain’s patented design incorporates hidden fasteners for ultra-quick installation.  Cory Ott, owner of Construction by Ott, had this to say about his preference to SheerGrain Decking over composites.  “I find it hard to encourage my customers to purchase a composite deck when I’ll have to tell them that the brown deck they’ve bought will fade to gray within months, and will have mold and staining issues.”  When asked about installation, Ott responded, “Because of its light weight one person can easily lift and work with a SheerGrain board; I can’t say that about composites.  It also takes half the fastening time.  SheerGrain is definitely a premium product; however, the amount saved in installation and callback costs make it a no-brainer.  SheerGrain looks like exotic hardwood and works well with any style of house, including brick.  I’ve had customers say that they were actually ‘shocked’ at how great their finished SheerGrain deck looks.”


SheerGrain Decking is available punched or non-punched.  Punched decking allows water to flow through for easy drainage.  Non-punched decking helps keep the area below decks dry.  The patented one-piece design of SheerGrain Decking allows you to easily rip boards down to any size width.  The 1-5/8” boards are ideal for replacing old wood deckboards. 


SheerGrain Decking is half the weight of many composites and code-approved up to 24” joist spacing.  It contains no harmful heavy metals, making it environmental and child-friendly.  It has a slip-resistant, non-splintering surface, meets UL-94 flammability testing and is a tree-free product.  SheerGrain Decking is available in Oak or Driftwood and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  All Sheerline Decking profiles are code-approved and listed with the ICC-ES.


SheerGrain Decking Facts

                                            • Available in two exciting colors: Oak & Driftwood
                                            • Hidden fasteners
                                            • Won’t rot, absorb moisture, stain or fade like most composites
                                            • Excellent heat dissipation and UV resistance
                                            • Patented one-piece design for quick installation
                                            • Boards can easily be ripped down to any size width
                                            • Slip-resistant, non-splintering and foot-friendly surface
                                            • Sheerline Decking is code-approved up to 24’’ joist spacing
                                            • Applications include decks, docks and multi-family housing
                                            • Nominal 2”x 6’’ wood dimensions (1-5/8” x 5-5/8”), available in  12’, 16’, 20’ lengths
                                            • Tree-free product
                                            • Contains no harmful heavy metals
                                            • Meets UL-94 flammability testing
                                            • Freshly stained wood look without the future upkeep