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Ready to Assembly Gates

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Sheerline® Gate Systems are available in kits containing all the components to assemble the gate including the mounting hardware.  Constructed from the same high quality vinyl extrusions as our fence and railing profiles, these gates will provide years of essentially maintenance-free service.  Corners are reinforced with aluminum for maximum strength and durability.
  • Allows you to custom fit sizes for your application
  • Easy to install
  • Available for all styles of Fencing and Railing
  • Reinforced Aluminum Corners
  • Glass reinforced molded polymer/stainless steel hinge and latch hardware

Below are some of our more popular styles.  We do offer gates to match each fence style, for more detail please visit our Catalog.

SG009 Residential Picket Style: SG009 Residential Picket Gate with 1 x 6 Picket
Colors:  White & Beige
Dimensions: 48” wide x 44” high
SG013 Privacy Gate Style: SG013 Privacy Gate with Lattice
Colors:  White & Beige
Dimensions: 53” wide x 68” high
SG001 Railing Picket Gate Style: SG001 Railing Picket Gate with Fluted Picket
Colors:  White, Beige, Gray & Clay
Dimensions: 48” wide x 34” high
SG011 Semi-Privacy Gate Style: SG011 Semi-Privacy Gate
Colors:  White & Beige
Dimensions: 48” wide x 68” high
SG015 Ranch Gate Style: SG015 Ranch Gate
Colors:  White
Dimensions: 72” wide x 38” high