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Railing Systems Sheerline ®

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3250 Series Railing 4500 Series Railing 3000 Series Railing
3250 Series Railing
Ideal for porches, decks and balconies
4500 Series Railing
One of the largest and most substantial railing systems in the industry!
3000 Series Railing
Compact railing for those projects tight on space.
Step Rail Kits Posts and Surface Mounts Secondary Handrail System
Sheerline® vinyl step rail kits make it easy to finish your stairs.
Post and Surface Mounts We offer many options for creating beautiful porch posts.
We offer a complete ADA approved Secondary Handrail System.
Railing Accessories
  A comprehensive line of railing accessories to complete any project.
The Beauty of Wood, the Performance of Vinyl!
Sheerline® is the #1 vinyl rail system, offering the most wood-like appearance of any vinyl rail system on the market.  Sheerline® top rails have added detail, replicating cove molding, a design technique utilized by master woodcrafters. Our rails are larger and have greater depth than most competitive rails, adding style and strength to Sheerline’s railing system. The unique, distinctive appearance and dimensions of our pickets compliment and balance the prominent scale of our railing.  Sheerline’s dedication to engineering a premium railing system is easily seen in the shadow lines of our 1.75-inch Fluted picket or in the authenticity of our 2-inch Colonial picket.  These are the same design elements found in handcrafted wood railings from years’ past.
Sheerline® challenges you to find any railing system that is easier to install!  Simply insert pickets into the slots of the top and bottoms rails, slide the rail section and brackets between the posts, and attach with provided screws.  No measuring required; our design does the measuring for you!  For your convenience, rail sections are available in lengths of 4’, 6’, 8’ or 10’.
Sheerline® is the best boxed railing program available and is paired with the most comprehensive railing accessories in the industry.  Accessories include our patented post clad system, round column and angle adaptors, complimentary stair kits, and 1.5” round vinyl secondary handrail system.  Sheerline’s patented 4-piece post clad system wraps existing posts, is available for 4”x4”, 6”x6” and 8”x8” posts, and offered in both smooth and fluted styles.
The strength of the Sheerline ® rail system is evident when you stand on our bottom rail.  It stays rigid, and won’t flex or bend, like many other rail systems.  Sheerline® is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and is ICC-ES code-approved.  We manufacture all vinyl components at our Mooresville, NC, facility using the very same material, insuring consistent weathering performance throughout our Sheerline® product line.