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L.B. Plastics manufactures a line of innovative products that provide solutions to protect your home. The Adjust-A-Spout, Sheerflow Gutter Filter, Quick-Snap Gutter Screen and the Solid Gutter Cover solve water problems related to gutters and downspouts. The Sheergarden Deck Protector minimizes water stains on decks and patios.
The adjustable downspout extender that telescopes, swivels and flips up for controlled drainage and easy lawn maintenance.
Quick-Snap Gutter Screen
The Quick-Snap Gutter Screens provide an economical solution for eliminating larger debris.
Sheerflow Gutter Filter
The Sheerflow Gutter Filter keeps even the smallest debris out of your gutter - a vinyl-coated fiberglass fabric supported by a rigid vinyl substrate filters out pine needles, seeds, etc.
Solid Gutter Cover
The Sheerflow Solid Gutter Cover is designed to keep your gutter and downspouts clear of debris, minimizing clogs and reducing the time and money spent on your roof.
Sheergarden Deck Protector
The Sheergarden Deck Protector minimizes water stains under potted plants on decks and patios.